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KKT Associated Consultants


Let's guide your business path

Commitment Distinctive

We are guided by our core values, which are our moral and ethical principles in all our dealings with clients and the public in general.

We aim at maximising our client’s satisfaction; we respond to the client’s call in the shortest possible time, complete the client’s assignment in the agreed time frame (barring uncontrollable factors), deliver quality work and build lasting relationships.

We practise teamwork in handling our client’s assignments, ensuring that we add value and bring expert heads to bear on an issue.

We aim at fostering development and bringing about lasting change to those situations in which we are involved, to the benefit of our clients.

We facilitate learning through self-discovery to bring out the potential of our clients. We encourage creativity in bringing about development that is pertinent to the needs and situations of those for whom it is intended.


There are five particular challenges that KKT Limited seeks to address in its assignments, these are: